"Bringing a nurturing touch back to therapeutic massage."

"Bringing a nurturing touch back to therapeutic massage."

Welcome to Deep Esalen Massage by Zeke, a unique and deeply nurturing therapeutic massage practice with a warm, quiet victorian across the street from Rudramandir at Bancroft and 6th street in Berkeley.  Since 1997, I have taken pride in bringing a palpable passion to my evolving massage business.  My bodywork skillfully blends technical massage with the fundamentals of yoga and soothing Esalen-inspired bodywork.  A Deep Esalen Massage session is a dance between the intensity of focused deep tissue massage and dreamy, enveloping, nurturing touch.  My hope for our session is that it leaves you feeling whole, integrated, and deeply touched.  If you are looking for the finest in therapeutic massage, which is deeply heartfelt, warmly sensual, and full of transformative touch, please read on...

Accupunture in Berkeley http://www.turningpointonline.info

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Deep Esalen Massage by Zeke

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