How are you addressing COVID-19 in your hands on work?   I double mask while giving a session and suggest you do also while receiving your session.  Ventilation is encouraged and if you have space I recommend doing the session outdoors.   I also get tested on a regular basis.

What must I do before my first appointment? By e-mail, please tell me a bit about you and what you are seeking from our session. If I can’t tell who you are or your intentions I am unlikely to respond. Verifying you protects me and us from people who don’t want you to have a choice in touch. I will not respond to short, soulless texts  such as “R U Available?” In summation, heartfelt and respectful people have more fun and live a connected joyful life.

Do you offer Incalls?  No.  This is a 100 percent every-single-time in your home/ hotel service.   I happily bring my table to you.  There are no exceptions you cannot “come to me.”  Instead I will joyfully  come to you.

Do you offer 1-hour sessions?  No.  Good bodywork and self-care are perhaps the best investment one can make.  Through over two decades of providing premium Esalen massage and Deep Bodywork I have found that 90 minutes is the sweet spot for full relaxation, attention to detain and complete integration of transformative nurturing work.

Who do you prefer working with? After two decades of offering massage and bodywork, my preference is to work with clients who are open to receiving a good massage, are friendly, punctual, have a modicum of cleanliness, and are discreet. Other than that, I have no preference as to the shape, sex, age, or sexuality of my clients. All are welcome.

What are your rates? No two simply good bodywork sessions are alike not even the rate:  90 minutes is the optimum amount of time to share my offering with you. The rate depends on where you are located.  For a 90-minute in-home or hotel session the current rate is $225 for a 90 minute session.   Cash or PayPal only.

Do you offer discounts?  No.  Don’t ask it’s disrespectful to the massage profession writ large , devaluing to me personally and I won’t respond to you.  I have 23 years experience and am usually fully booked. If you’re looking for  cut-rate massage I hear there are great deals here though

Are you trained? Yes. I graduated from Tucson’s Desert Institute of the Healing Arts with a Thousand-Hour Diploma in August of 1998. I expanded my massage horizons during a one year residency at Big Sur’s Esalen Institute. The learning never stops, as I have taken workshops in India, from Body Electric School of Massage , Sky Dancing Tantra trainings, Thai massage studies at the Sunshine School in Chiang Mai Thailand, and Cranial Sacral studies with the Upledger institute. In addition, I have done lots of self work such as an annual Kundalini yoga cleansing at 3HO’s Summer Solstice yoga intensive and all 8 levels of HAI.

What style of massage do you practice? Integrated and sensually holistic. After 20 years of a full-time bodywork practice, I like to think that each massage therapy session is unique and a dance. Some of the moves include: sensual Swedish, unique deep tissue, trigger points, full body stretches, body electric tantric massage, and blissful flowing Esalen long strokes. I believe a good massage is a shared journey, not just a series of rote techniques. Clients who have employed me for years often tell me that no two deep Esalen massage sessions are alike. my touch . . .

How many massages do you do a day? I believe that massage should be a personal, unique and energy-filled experience. Because I believe in quality bodywork and put so much energy into your session, I limit my massage appointments to no more than one per day (or 2 if it’s  couple) and 4-5 total sessions per week.  I value craft over mass production.

Can I be in the nude? Of course. I believe that massage should be about comfort and connection. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and connected during your massage session. After our pre-session interview I leave the bodywork room to wash my hands. There are always two fresh sheets on the table so you have a choice of the level of draping or un-drape which suits your comfort level before I return to the room to begin your bodywork session.

Do you offer a sensual massage?   Yes to your level of comfort.  My massage offering is open to touch of your entire body.  I believe that massage by nature is sensual and that the body and soul respond well to being treated and touched as a complete tantric creation. In my experience, profound and positive changes unfold when the sensual tastefully meets the therapeutic. And that is what I offer.

Do you use a table? Always. Body mechanics and the longevity of my massage career (I have embarked on the 3rd decade) depend on having a massage table which is adjusted to an appropriate height.

Do you use oil or lotion? I primarily use Biotone’s Clear Results Oil. Secondarily, I use some Aveda products like ‘Love’ ‘Hand Relief’ and ‘Foot Relief’ to enhance the massage and create a pampering mini-spa atmosphere. I also use Kiehl’s “Body Cream.” If you have special oil needs, it’s a good idea to bring a bottle to your session.

I have a cold, is massage good for me? Maybe, however, I don’t need to get sick too. Please wait until you feel better to schedule your massage.

What can I do to get a fulfilling massage experience? Breathe fully and deeply. Sound, and/or tell me when something feels really good. Relax, let go, and enjoy.

Do you take credit cards? No, but I happily accept PayPal.

Where are you located?  Where you are.  I do outcalls. So wherever you are that you see my ad. My upcoming travel schedule is here

How do I contact you?  I am recovering from a rare neurological B-1 deficiency and although touch and energy flow naturally for me talking initially  is not something that is easy or enjoyable.  My preferred method of first contact is by thoughtful e-mail or text.  In your appointment e-mail or text please let me know a bit about you and what you are seeking from your session.  I appreciate the understanding and  your care to make initial contact through clear and concise typed communication.  If you e-mail please remember to include a contact number.

Phone: 510-631-2929