My bodywork style is like good Jazz: Grounded in therapeutic fundamentals yet wildly variant and smoothly creative. Each successive session is unique from the last. Here are a few of the many notes of my massage jam:

Myofascial: An opening of my massage and a hello. The sensation of “myo” work is that of a friendly Indian burn. “Myo” strokes by nature are accomplished without oil. Myofascial massage consists of slow, connected strokes to move, shape, and open the fascia so that your muscles can find comfortable space.

Esalen: Wavelike, delicious long strokes without end. My style of Esalen is trance-inducing, deep, sensual and a prominent part of my massage rift. My mentor, the late Glenn Wilson of Tucson, was an accomplished Esalen practitioner. Furthermore, I enjoyed a year internship at the Esalen Institute of Big Sur, California where I attended the in-house Esalen Massage program.

Nurturing Swedish: An lotion-aided massage. Featuring sumptuous sensual head-to-toe long strokes (effleurage) mixed in with kneading massage moves (petrissage). The flow teases out tightness in tired muscles. My style of Swedish is deeply relaxing and hypnotizing. When in the throes of deeper, more intense bodywork, I return to the hypnotizing and grounding Swedish rift often to deeply integrate the changes.

Focused Trigger Point Work: AKA knot work, shiatsu, or accupressure. Firm, direct, pointed, and patient holding of bunched-up muscle. The goal is to break up the blockages which enable discomfort and tightness. Point work “hurts so good” because it floods the body with yummy endorphins.

Educated Deep Tissue: During deep work, I listen to your body and use my knowledge of anatomy to go deep without danger. A decade of listening and working with athletes and large adults informs my highly-skilled style of deep work. After my deep tissue you will be able to walk comfortably the next day, and your challenged muscles will be addressed deeply with care.

Yoga-Based Stretches: Stretches are a big part of my massage offering. As a lifelong big man and dedicated yoga practitioner, I love a good stretch. Flowing from my experience, I employ and transfer various asanas (yoga routines) from the yoga mat to the table and into your massage. Furthermore, in reality, attempting to stretch yourself is a bit like tickling yourself. . .its always so much better if you have a helping hand (or body) to assist in your stretchy bliss.