Kind words from two decades of dedicated touch.


I have received massages from Zeke for over 10 years, and I see him whenever he is in town. His massage is a wonderful combination of deep tissue, body-long Esalen strokes, and wonderful stretching using his strong hands, elbows, forearms, and knees. His movements are like a dance around your body that will leave you in a dream like state. He will find every stress point and leave you relaxed. He responds quickly to messages and is absolutely dependable. He has a friendly, mountain-man personality and his massage is spiritually nurturing. Time spent with him is simply the very best body work that I have experienced.
-Michael McCarthy Santa Monica

An excellent massage session, fully up to previous experience and expectations. There was plenty of deep pressure varied by lighter touch, and very good attention to problem areas including neck and shoulders. I would recommend this masseur at the highest level.
-Craig A. Smith Santa Fe, New Mexico

I feel very lucky that I found Zeke and even more lucky that he has time on his calendar to work with me and my back and hip issues.  Zeke has an amazing sense of how to work on problem areas as he has had many years of experience providing body work to his clients. For those of is who are athletic and tend to push our bodies to the limit, we depend on healers like Zeke to help is recover so we can keep doing the sport or activity that we love.  He has been absolutely professional and very helpful in my two years of working with him and I hope we continue to work together for many more years.

-Angela Lim Berkeley, Ca