Palm Oasis

When I am home I am available for premium in-home bodywork services south to San Jose, California to east to Tahoe City, North to Santa Rosa and all points in between. Quite a range! However, I love massage and I make sure to get wonderful yoga, dance, hiking and skiing wherever I go. Sometimes I travel a bit afar and here is where you can keep up with my travel and book a blissful session if your heart desires.

Jan 4th-Jan 21st 2021 New year Tahoe and Reno.  Deep tissue and Esalen bliss.   Advanced booking is recommended.

Dec 3rd-Dec 18th  Sand to Snow.  Reno, Mammoth Lakes, Palm Desert.  Top-notch Swedish Massage and Trigger points all in the great state of California.

Nov1st-Nov10thAmong the ocotillo and joshua trees.  Bringing top quality focused Esalen Massage to Palm Spring and Cathedral City.  This trip always books so advanced booking is highly encouraged.

Oct 22nd-26th

Truckee love and Reno too!  Top quality Swedish massage to you.  wonderful deep tissue outcall.

Sept 14th-Sept 28th

Desert time.   Great Salt Lake, Moab, Palm Springs.  Unique deep Esalen.  Book bliss now.

August 17th-August 21st

Mountains.  Lake Tahoe to Mt. Shasta.  Top notch deep tissue massage.  Advance booking required.

July 14th-July 21st

Root of my raising.  Back to Oregon.  Bend, Eugene and Portland.  The best in traveling Oregon bodywork.  Sessions are limited so advance booking is encouraged.


Southwest Ramble.  Visiting old friends and making new ones.  Phoenix, Moab, Santa Fe and of course updated photos.  By appointment only.

March 4th-7th Palm Springs Spring.

Top quality in-home sensual swedish and esalen massage for Palm Springs. Very few appointments remain.

Reno Spring February 2nd-5th

Looking for great Esalen and good Truckee swedish Massage?  It comes to you.

A little spring skiing

Photo trip to Max Woltman Dec. 1- Dec.15th.

Aspen, Santa Fe, Palm Springs and of course ABQ.  Almost fully booked.   The wonderful, incomparable Max keeps photos fresh and is worth the trek. Thanks!

Palm Springs, Salt Lake City, Aspen Sept 28th-October 14th.

Looking forward to connecting with my desert and mountain clients before the snow flies on another wonderful ski season.  See you soon.

Tahoe Labor Day August 29th-September 2nd:  Where else would one be, that is the burning question.  This trip is mostly filled but shoot me an introductory e-mail and we will see if the schedules align.

Iowa to Hawaii:  August is a vacation month.   With trips from the heartland to the Islands.  The days that sessions are available in the Bay are 15th-21st.  If any of those days work please reach out soon as sessions are booking up.

Wanderlust plus, July 14th-23rd

Yoga, hiking, camping and massage.  I do have availabilities in Truckee, Reno and around the lake.  Book know, feel bliss.

Freedom Fest Tahoe, July 2nd-July 7th.

My kundalini recharged I am really looking forward to seeing all of my Tahoe clients and meeting new ones as we move, astrologically speaking to another winter,

Warmly Zeke

Summer Solstice June 10-25th Espanola, NM. Santa Fe.

I am fully booked for this trip.  Thanks! See you when it starts turning back to the darkness.

Memorial Day Pre-weekend  May 19th-May 28th

Truckee, Reno, South Lake Tahoe.  Looking forward to connecting with North Lake friend and clients.  I do have a few in-home spots available.  Looking forward to connecting and meeting new massage aficionados.

Snow and Surf

April 18th-30th

Mammoth Lakes, Redlands, CA and Santa Monica.  This trip is fully booked. Hope to catch you next time for sensual deep Esalen massage.

IKON 2019:

March 4th -March 20th

I’ll be leaving my Truckee California home to venture East to the intermountain west.  As usual spots are limited but this trip will include Salt  Lake City, Aspen, and Pheonix.  I’m looking forward to sharing energy with you!

Utah this is the place:

Oct 22-Oct 29th.  Salt Lake and Moab.  Looking forward to hearing more about you! Please e-Mail me first.  Very limited appointments.

August 1st-August 8th. Summer southland. San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, San Diego. Lots of saints and lots of beaches. Advance booking is necessary. Thanks!

July 16th-19th Mountain Aire Tahoe. Very limited appointments but stops include Sacramento, Tahoe City and South Lake. Advanced booking encouraged.

June 10th-26th Solstice with the Sikhs in Espanola. This trip is primarily a relaxing, rejuvenating and raising energy for me trip. However a very limited amount of appointments are available. Please tell me about you and what your seeking from a session and I will see what I can do to serve you.


April 1-April 25th Visit parents in Utah and other stops. Salt Lake City, Moab, Los Angeles, Breckenridge, Aspen. Where the heart leads. Remember if you would like to book I need more from you than “R U Available/;)”

February 24-March 10 End of season ski trip. Stops include, Taos, Crested Butte Colorado, Telluride and Salt Lake City. I am available at both CB ant Telluride gay ski week to work fatigued legs and more. Book in advance I always book up;).

January 7th-21th Aspen Gay Ski Week 2018+ Play hard, ski hard, get a massage. For the second year in a row I will be available to work out those kinks that only skiing can dish out. This is in home, condo or hotel only. Hope to hear from you soon. This trip booked up last year.

Dec 4th-8th Oregon quick ski trip. I grew up skiing at Willamette pass. On this trip I will be enjoying the unveiling of La Nina and meeting new clients in Oregon. Stops planned are Eugene, Portland and Bend Oregon. Advanced booking is appreciated.

Nov 1st-Nov 14th Before the snow flies. Visiting some of my favorite winter ski towns to check in with clients who make my ski life wonderful. Some stops on the way. Aspen Colorado, Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico.

August 10th-August 21st 2017. Eclipse themed trip. Some stops on the way, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Aspen, Colorado, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Hope to connect with new friends and reconnect with old ones.

July 27-July 30th 2017. Santa Monica, California to San Diego. This trip is almost fully booked. Please text to make your session.